Mam nadzieję, że znacie na ty angielski żeby zrozumieć poniższy tekst. Jeśli nie to w skrócie mówiąc jest to połączenie kilku najlepszych partów Pontusa z szalonej młodości.
‘The Strongest of the Strange’ was Pontus’ first video that he made and it took the skate world by storm. It showcased his hometown of Malmo and its D.I.Y scene (with all of his friends) that was really setting the pace of D.I.Y in Europe. The video really insopired and empowered a lot of people to get of their backsides and make something for themselves. From the bleak settings of Mongolia to a Scott Bourne section, ‘The Strongest of the Strange’ holds such a variety of skating and skaters – all with Pontus’ creative stamp on the production – that it’s surely a modern classic. His own part is very evocative and moving, dealing with the loss of his father and his life, this part makes you think as much as it makes you want to skate.