Genialny materiał od mistrza Josha Stewarta, który zawitał do LA żeby uchwycić obiektywem kamery klimat kalifornijskiej deskorolki. Filmed & Edited by: Josh Stewart More Info:

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Dope $ZTO$!! Featuring: Luke Malaney, Brendan Carroll, Kevin Coakley, and Yonnie Cruz, and with appearances by Mark Wetzel, George Hanuschak, Pat Stiener, Hiroki Muraoka, Deshi, and Rich Adler. Video by Joe Bressler

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James Coleman Part from “INCOGNITO”

W całym tym internetowym szaleństwie nie jest łatwo o oryginalne nagrywki. Za to ekipa “Theoris of Atlantis” zawsze ma dobrze zepsute filmy!@#$ James Coleman is one of our favorite shredders and we felt it would be a shame if his part from […]


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Paul Shier part from “Static II-The Invisibles”

Paul Shier’s full part from the 2004 video Static II-The Invisibles. Featuring guest skaters Nick Jensen and Colin Kennedy.Video […]


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‘Traffic Patterns’ by Traffic Skateboards

Kuba Kaczmarczyk poleca SK8FRONT potwierdza! :) Reporting in from Philadelphia to NYC and from Washington DC to Boston, it's the first video offering from Traffic Skateboards in 2014. Edited by Joe Bressler Filmed by: Joe Bressler, Alex Pelletier, Josh Stewart, Andrew Petillo, Ryan Garshell, Andrew Pribulka, Ry Manos, Allen Danze, Armin Bachman, Mike Laybold, and [...]

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‘Traffic Patterns’ by Traffic Skateboards

Reporting in from Philadelphia to NYC and from Washington DC to Boston, it’s the first video offering from Traffic Skateboards […]


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George Hanuschak’s Part from “$14 THE HARD WAY”

Washington DC Traffic rider George Hanuschak is a shredder. A new video out of the Beltway “$14 The Hard Way” […]


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Yonnie Cruz Full Part from “Incognito” by Mike Atwood

Somehow we were lucky enough to be the ones to get to host this all new Yonnie Cruz part from […]


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Illumignarly V-8

It’s been too long but Billy Lohan is back on the scene with an all new Illumignarly. This week’s edition […]


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3 Tapes JSDV#200684-86

From the Theories of Atlantis website, we offer the ‘Three Tapes’ feature, showing a grip of raw footage from 3 […]


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Illumignarly V7

Billy Rohan, the Craze Cam, Mark Gonzals and an instrumental beat. One lethal recipe.

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Illumignarly v6

God bless you if you are unfortunate enough to have the most embarrassing moment of your day occur within filming […]


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Illumignarly V5

Billy Rohan is in the bushes outside of your house armed with his shitty TRV-900 craze cam. Beware. This episode […]


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Bum Rush The Spot “7th Street” Delaware w/ Kinetic Skateshop

In late September Joel Meinholz of IAmYourVillain brought his the Bum Rush the Spot madness back to Wilmington, Delaware with […]


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Announcing the newest video offering by Hopps Skateboards for fall 2013 introducing the newest additions to the Hopps family, Keith […]


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Time Machine #22: Danny Renaud

In the search for a new subject to base a Time Machine around it seemed obvious when Danny Renaud’s name […]


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Bum Rush The Spot “Jersey City” with NJ Skateshop

Bum Rush the Spot is back and Jersey City, NJ is the where it all went down. Joel Meinholz of […]


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Illumignarly V.4

New York City has become skate-resort town, a sound stage for the world’s radical elite to shoot their skate videos. […]


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Illumignarly v.3

Billy Rohan is outside of your house right now hiding in the bushes. He’s armed with a TRV-900 and two […]


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Illumignarly v.2

Billy Rohan presents “Illumignarly” v.2. Comin at you every 2 weeks on Theories of Atlantis. There is definitely no shortage […]


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Illumignarly v.1

Billy Rohan has a camera on him at all times. And he has been recently tapped as a Theories of […]


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Every time Tom Penny came to Tampa for a demo or pro-contest I followed him around like an obsessed stalker […]


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Dirty Dancing 2012

Danny Renaud and a flip cam are a dangerous combo. After we saw this rad little edit Danny put together […]


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Hopping Into Labor NYC-Spring 2013

Jahmal Williams guides us from his home in Brooklyn, NY through the streets and tunnels, while transporting his latest art […]


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43 Magazine Issue 3 Photo Show

In April 2013, Allen Ying released the third issue of 43 Magazine complete with a photo gallery and video premiere. […]


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STATIC II “Philly Four” Alternate Edit-circa 2004

This is a rough cut of an early edit for the “Philly Four” section from “Static II” video released in […]


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Polar Skate Co NYC Art Stoke

In late 2012 the entire Polar team made it over NYC way to shred the streets, build some spots and […]


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Static IV Teaser

A short teaser announcing the upcoming finale to the Static video series, originally started in 1999.Shot and edited […]


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